Moving Well


An injury can occur to anyone at any time, regardless of age. Apart from the physical discomfort, it can curtail you from going about your daily life and physical activities, especially if you are someone who loves exercising.

13 Jun 2019
So, how can you get back to exercise and routine in a fast and assured way? Your comeback game-plan should include the following steps.

1. Get expert advice

Consulting an expert can help you to get back to working out and activities much quicker and safer. Are you fully ready to exercise like before? Or can the injury occur again? Even if you think the answer is a definite yes or no, always consult a certified fitness coach or doctor after an injury. A fitness coach can provide you with a step-by-step program tailored specifically to you and your health requirements to help get you back to the exercise you enjoy performing. A fitness coach will also be able to assess the right time for your recovery. This can help ensure that the injury doesn’t re-occur or get worse. Remember, pushing yourself too soon and too hard can be counter-productive. Patience and expert opinions are necessary at this point.

2. Prepare yourself mentally

Injury time is a good time to stay focused on positivity. Most injuries are temporary, and so it makes sense to remind yourself that you will be able to return to the sport or activity you enjoyed after some much need rest and recuperation. Negative thinking can lead to irrational and erroneous decisions and delay the recovery time.

3. Listen to your body

If you feel little soreness while exercising, pushing past it can help you make gains. But you should never be in agony you should feel better soon after you cease exercising.

If the pain is too severe, or if it lasts for an hour or more after you're done with your exercise, take that as a sign that you might have gone too far. You may have to rest for 1 to 3 days before you try again. And when you do, keep it less intense. The key is to fitness is to build strength systematically.

4. Eat well and keep hydrated and rest

Healthy, timely food intake and sufficient water intake is an often-ignored factor in getting back to exercise from an injury. The body requires nutrition for timely repair. Therefore, eating well for multiple days and weeks together is key for faster recovery.

Any which way you go, make sure that you are actively thinking about your recovery, respecting your body and giving it time to heal. Often people that love exercising will start up to soon and open themselves up to much worse and enduring injuries. So feel into your body and make sure to not overload it in this critical time.