Fitness First, in cooperation with TikTok, invites you to challenge with #ฟิตกับTikTok Campaign and you can win a 1-month membership at Fitness First plus an access to an exclusive class only for 20 selected TikTok Content Creators. All you need to do is shooting yourself with 4 sets of #ฟิตกับTikTok effect and post on your TikTok. This activity runs from 1-21 September 2023.

Join the Challenge

  1. Follow TikTok: @fitnessfirstthailand
  2. Shoot yourself move with 4 effects on TikTok; "Fit Cardio," "Fit Mobility," "Fit Strength," and "Fit Core" (click on the effect button on the sample VDO below, search for effect on the Effect page, or go to Effect tab on @fitnessfirstthailand profile page).
  3. Create your VDO unlimitedly, while still following the effect.
  4. Add all 3 Hashtags of the challenge (#ฟิตกับTikTok #FitnessFirstThailand #รักสุขภาพ), post on your TikTok account and set to public.
  5. Complete 4 VDOs to stand a chance to win a prize.


Terms & Conditions
  1. Participants must be a citizen or live in Thailand and are 18 years old or older.
  2. Participating VDOs must include 4 effects on TikTok; "Fit Cardio," "Fit Mobility," "Fit Strength," and "Fit Core", and participants follow those moves accordingly.
  3. Participating VDOs must include #ฟิตกับTikTok #FitnessFirstThailand #รักสุขภาพ and be publicly posted on their own TikTok account during 1-21 September 2023.
  4. Participating VDOs must follow TikTok Community Guidelines and must be created by that person himself/herself.
  5. Participants who follow no.2-4 correctly and have top 20 highest views will receive a 1-month Fitness First membership and right to access an exclusive class for TikTok Content Creators on 1 October 2023.
  6. TikTok and Fitness First Thailand will announce the winners on #ฟิตกับTok Hashtag page and Fitness First Thailand Facebook page by 20 September 2023.
  7. Winner selection will be at TikTok’s sole discretion as a absolute and final decision.
  8. TikTok and Fitness First Thailand will select interesting VDOs from participants to promote on various media of TikTok and Fitness First Thailand during the campaign.
  9. TikTok and Fitness First Thailand reserve the right to change terms & conditions without prior notice.
Sample Video #ฟิตกับTIKTOK