5 Workouts You Can Do this Festive Season for Fat Loss


The festive season does not just lead to a transformation in our environment, but also leads to changes in our emotions. This could end up in us losing track of our fitness goals during the celebrations

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Consuming unscrupulous amounts of unhealthy festive food could lead to significant weight gain if not balanced out with proper exercise. Here are some workout tips that you can follow to stay fit during the holidays.



Yoga enables you to burn fat even though it is not considered as an aerobic exercise. By practicing active and intense styles of yoga during the holidays, you can burn calories and prevent weight gain, helping you maintain good health and fitness during the holidays. Ashtanga, vinyasa and power yoga are considered to be physical yoga types, while hatha and yin represent more relaxed forms of yoga. The combination of active and relaxed yoga will help your body to burn fat, strengthen muscles, improve flexibility and prevent injuries.

The practice of yoga also aids in developing mindfulness. As a result, you become more abreast with your eating habits, primarily because foods are known to have a direct impact on mind, body and spirit. This allows yoga practitioners to keep away from unhealthy food and acknowledge when they are already full.


Running is perfect for staying fit during the holidays as it is especially effective in burning stomach fat. There is an exclusive signature class offered by Fitness First called Surge. It combines speed, stamina, agility, and power training to give your body a total workout.

If you are a beginner at treadmill running, start slow and up the pace gradually. Equally important is to practice deep belly breathing. Identify a pattern of deep breathing that uses this technique, as compared to shallow chest breathing. This is because shallow chest breathing does not work well for long-distance running. As time progresses, you will improve your cardiovascular fitness and burn the excess fat.



BODYBALANCE® by Fitness First involves a combination of Tai Chi and Pilates elements in a workout that involves a series of yoga movements. A calming soundtrack, which supports the stretching and bending movements of the routine, will keep you relaxed throughout.

Controlled breathing, concentration and proper execution of each movement is important in order to achieve notable physical, mental and spiritual improvement.



Cycling is an exercise that is relatively low-impact but works all the major muscle groups in your body. It strengthens your muscles, builds stamina and improves aerobic fitness. It also promotes good mental health by reducing stress levels and anxiety.

If you are a cycling novice, begin with a low intensity routine before progressing to more physically demanding workouts once your body is used to a specific intensity. Fitness First offers a great indoor cycling workout called RPM™ that is backed by great music which takes you on a journey of hill climbs, sprints and flat rides. This workout is perfect for those seeking a validated form of achievement, burn calories, get lean and improve aerobic fitness as part of their goals for staying fit during the holidays.

Hardcore Max

Hardcore Maxx by Fitness First is a High Intensity Interval Training

(HIIT) class that incorporates dynamic movement training and athletic drills. Dynamic movement training helps to improve mobility, strength, balance and coordination. Athletic drills help in improving speed, agility and explosive power. The cardio involved as part of this workout aids in boosting endurance and energy levels. It also maximises your body’s calorie-burning ability, ensuring that you still burn calories even after the class is over.

Losing weight as part of your health and fitness goals for the holidays can be realised through the practice of a workout with consistency and discipline. Combining this practice with a healthy meal plan and adequate rest will allow you to reap notable physical benefits as the season progresses.