5 Challenges to Overcome this New Year for a Stronger You
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The new year gifts us the perfect opportunity to renew our zest for fitness. Especially if you’ve had to square up to physical and mental challenges which may have caused you to fail in achieving fitness goals that were set last year. Here are a few tips on how to defy these challenges in order to become healthier and stronger versions of ourselves this brand new year.

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Try Something New

The reason as to why we were not able to keep true to specific fitness resolutions from last year could be different for every individual. For some, it could be due to the inability of a workout to challenge their bodies the way they want to. For others, it could be down to a workout being too demanding, causing them to cave in to the physical requirements of an exercise. One effective way to break free from these physical challenges would be to try new things.


BodyVive® is a workout routine that incorporates a mix of strength, cardio, core training, and other training concepts to yield the best results for your body. It features a challenging combination of lunges, squats, functional training and tubing exercises to help you build fitness and strength, apart from improving energy levels, flexibility, speed, balance, agility and core strength.

Overcome Procrastination

Another reason as to why we may have fallen short of last year’s fitness resolutions is due to the nature of a workout being too repetitive. As a result, we end up putting off workouts which hamper our achievement of physical and mental benefits for overall wellbeing.

Leave last year’s mundane workouts behind by incorporating a fitness routine which motivates you to get up and move. One way you can avoid putting off a workout could be through dancing. Dance will help you strengthen your core by working your hips and stomach. You will also learn fast, agile footwork which will strengthen your calves and ankles. Each dance workout is also choreographed based on different intervals of intensity, and is combined with squats, slow push-ups and jumping exercises for a total-body workout.

.Mental & Physical Challenges to Overcome this New Year

Stop Doubting Yourself

A mental challenge that may have prevented us from achieving last year’s fitness resolutions is self-doubt. This is particularly commonplace amongst individuals who live sedentary lifestyles, or have hit a plateau with a specific workout. These negative conditions can create a sense of doubt about their ability to advance their fitness routines to a higher level.


An effective method that can be used to beat this mental challenge is to start slow and progress gradually. It is also important that you are aware of how your body responds to exercises. One way you can do so is to train like a warrior. If you are just starting out, the intensity and complexity of the moves will be adjusted to suit your fitness level. This workout features movements such as crawls, climbs, jumps, lifts, squats, push and pull exercises, and sprints to develop total-body strength and functional fitness.

Break Through the Pain

Enduring the pain that accompanies workouts can be an excruciating physical ordeal to bear for certain individuals. Especially when waking up during the recovery period with muscle soreness. This soreness is the main reason why people decide to stop working out completely. Fortunately, there are some fitness routines which are able to provide pain relief, apart from promoting mindfulness and improvement of your total wellbeing.


Incorporating hot flow yoga as part of your fitness routine can help you de-stress and detoxify your body. It features a mix of energising and calming poses, and a short meditation session as a finisher. The room temperature will be set to 30 degrees, allowing you to loosen your muscle and joints so you can lean more into your stretches. It will also help you improve flexibility, reduce muscle stress, and feel more loose and relaxed.


Mental & Physical Challenges to Overcome this New Year

Face Your Insecurities

If you have not previously set foot into a gym to work out, your first time can be a nerve-racking experience, especially when trying out the fitness equipment. One way to do away with your insecurities would be to ask. Most of the time, the gym staff, trainers and other gym-goers will be able to assist you.


You can also get rid of your gym insecurities by joining a group training workout. This workout combines suspension straps with functional body weight exercises to develop strength and stamina. If you are new to this type of workout, you will be taught how to adapt each exercise to fit your level of experience and fitness. Over time, you will be able to achieve lean muscle tone and improve total-body strength.


Defeating physical and mental challenges is the pathway to achieving fitness resolutions during this new year. If you are able to practice consistency, stay disciplined and remain ceaseless in making excitement a fundamental part of your fitness routine, you are well on your way towards achieving all the goals you have set come year end.